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Helping children to be successful at Home, School, Play, & Community Activities
We help children to be successful in the “jobs” of childhood.


  • dressing
  • brushing teeth
  • bed time
  • independent play


  • waiting in line
  • following directions
  • completing assignments
  • sitting at a desk
  • handwriting


  • riding a bicycle/ tricycle
  • climbing playground equipment
  • playing with other children
  • participating in team sports

community activies

  • organized team sports (such as soccer and t-ball)
  • organized recreational activities (such as karate and gymnastics)

What is Pediatric Occupational Therapy?

We help children overcome obstacles to achieving success whether it is difficulties with:

  • motor coordination and planning (knowing how to move their body)
  • self-regulation – maintaining the ability to attend to the task at hand and the other people involved in the activity with them without becoming over-stimulated or under-stimulated
  • visual perception
  • social skills

More About GTP Therapies

  • Services Offered Occupational Therapy Services are offered primarily from a Sensory Motor Framework to help build the foundational skills needed to be successful at the complex motor and social activities your child participates in throughout his/her day.
  • Location We are conveniently located off of Routes 70, 295, and 73 in Cherry Hill, NJ. Accessible throughout the Delaware Valley.

Our Approach

We begin with you and your child from evaluation through treatment and discharge. We collaborate with you and your child to: evaluate skills and needs, set treatment goals, and to provide therapeutic intervention to achieve successful outcomes. We encourage parent participation in therapy sessions so that there is successful carry over of skills into your child’s life outside of the clinic. We will also collaborate closely with teachers, coaches and other caregivers to achieve the highest level of success in every day activities. As much as possible we strive to transition your child to the most beneficial community activities (be it karate, soccer, gymnastics, or cheerleading) for his/her continued success and development upon discharge from therapeutic services.

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